AV-Downloads = Free Software!

The internet is inundated with free software. The reviewers at AV-Downloads are always on the lookout for the good stuff!

AV-Downloads is your spot on the net to find great new software applications for your Windows computer. We specialize in personal computers, so if you are looking for mobile device software applications you are in the wrong part of the pond. Perhaps one day we will expand into the mobile realm, but for now the Toad is only working hard to make your PC a better place to be.

AV-Downloads does not make the free software you find on our site. We do however scour the internet for software being given away for free by the original software manufacturers, review what they are putting out there, and consider offering it to you here on our site as well. Always free of course. So right up front, you can always download the software from AV-Downloads, or you can click on the link in the specific software review page to the original manufacturer and download the file from them.

If you do choose to download the files from AV-Downloads after reading or reviews, note that we do use a modified installer that is different from the ones used by the various software manufacturers. The Download Manager will more than likely offer you additional and optional software installations during the time you are installing the reviewed software. You can easily decline this offered software by clicking the Skip All button during the installation if you do not want to see the offers.

If you do accept the offers, and later on you wish to uninstall any software downloaded from AV-Downloads or recommended by the Download Manager, you can easily uninstall anything by following the usual uninstall instructions. We have created a page on AV-Downloads to help assist you in this manner as well, the aptly named Uninstall page.

Also of note, AV-Downloads does receive funding from the Download Manager and that is how we are able to step away from our day jobs to review software and present it to you on AV-Downloads. No software on AV-Downloads will ever require payment, and you should never pay AV-Downloads ever for anything.